1953 Porsche 356 Coupe

The 1953 Coupe seen in these photos was discovered in a chicken coop in South San Diego County. he first few photos in the gallery show the Coupe as found, with it's stable-mates including multiple Oldsmobile Toronados, a Packard Clipper, and a Morgan. After being stored for over 30 years, it was restored to original condition. Lead was used to perfect the body, colors were painstakingly matched, and original parts were restored to as-new condition. In 2018 it made it's debut showing at the 2018 Porsche Parade in the Ozarks, Missouri, where it achieved a record score of 299.8. As a result, it won fist in class restored division, the overall Concours Restoration Group Award, and the Gmund Award for restoration excellence.